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Asia HealthTech 2016 Report – The Only Report on Asia HealthTech

The Galen Growth Asia HealthTech 2016 report offers its readers rich insights and points of view as seen through the eyes of the Asia HealthTech founders and CEOs as well as other ecosystem operators who are all leading the transformation of healthcare from China, to India all the way to Indonesia bringing together the perspective of HealthTech CEOs from 12 countries in Asia.

A study global trends and HealthTech solutions for diabetes by Holmusk

Diabetes-focussed startup Holmusk conducted a comprehensive study on diabetes, which we want to share with you!

War on Diabetes – How HealthTech can Help Win the Battle

An interim report published by Galen Growth Asia, in association with Padang & Co and Access Health International, which summarises work to date on a major initiative in Diabetes.  This work identifies industry approaches to improving diabetes management across Asia using HealthTech, with inputs from more than 50 participants from 15 organisations, including major medical device companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, tech companies and start-ups.  Stay tuned for phase 2!

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HTT MAY 2017
    25 May 2017
    Singapore, Collision8

HealthTech Tribe: Accelerating HealthTech and Biomedical Innovation in Singapore and SE Asia: Lessons from the US

Acting as a catalyst in HealthTech in Asia, Galen Growth Asia is proud to welcome Dr Mark McClellan...
    17 November 2017

GGA HealthTech CEO Summit 2017

For the second time, Galen Growth Asia is hosting its annual HealthTech CEO Summit in Singapore. In ...


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