Galen Growth Asia is declaring War on Diabetes

The market for wearable medical devices is expected to skyrocket over the next few years. Whilst experiencing a long episode of exponential advancements in digital technologies, their costs have decreased considerably, not to say plummeted.

In a global cost-constrained healthcare industry, one could assume that this reduction in cost would be a real game changer. But is it really the case?  Revolutionising patient care at a distance, “connected health” and “e-health” technologies, provide cost efficient solutions to connect patients with healthcare professionals. The easy conclusion would be that delivering such healthcare solutions would carry no barrier to innovation and to investment. Still, few researches in Asia have been able to justify how investing in such technologies can provide sufficient return to claim to be the cure in a pressured healthcare market.

Read our latest handout DIABETES: A GLOBAL PROBLEM conducted by Holmusk and stay tuned for our latest research on Diabetes.

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