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Last Thursday, we hosted a packed group of invite-only guests at our inaugural healthtech event in Singapore. The event was co-hosted by LumenLab at their office in Metropolis. “Healthcare in Asia requires an environment to develop in,” stated Julien de Salaberry as he started his welcome speech on the current situation in Asia.


The event created opportunities for stimulating “Costs of decoding the human genome plunged from 100 million USD in 2001 to 1.000 USD in 2015 and is trending to fall. This opens up many new opportunities in the future”, LumenLab’s Lee Ng hosted a debate about genomics: “For an adequate use of genomics to understand diseases, both patients and physicians need to understand the importance of genomics as a diagnostic tool.” Other breakthrough ideas came up in intimate discussions about virtual reality in healt
h care, artificial intelligence, and genomics. The question “Which applications can benefit the most from virtual reality and augmented reality” opened an interesting debate, reaching from surgery simulation and navigation to VR used in nursing and treatment for post traumatic stress disorders. Most importantly, everyone agreed on the importance of virtual and augmented reality for future healthcare. AI in health and Genomics had equally engaging discussions, ranging from topics including ethics, which uses are viable now vs. in the near future, and how these platforms are creating new startups throughout Asia.

The heterogeneous nature of the audience helped contribute to the diversity of opinions during the discussion panel. Here is a breakdown of the invitees:

Start-up representatives made up the biggest number of participants

Galen Growth Asia has identified 6 key groups to help create a vibrant healthtech ecosystem: entrepreneurs, government, media, clinicians, corporate, and investors. The guests from the inaugural event represented each of these groups. Our co-host for the event, LumenLab was excited by the diverse perspectives from the evening. The discussions on a variety of different levels emphasized the importance of a well- defined ecosystem in Asia, and the need for an organizing entity to bring the ecosystem stakeholders together

“We’re excited that Galen Growth Asia worked with us to bring together a broad sample of experts in their fields,” said Tony Estrella, Head of Health Innovation at LumenLab. As the first such independent organization in Asia, Galen Growth Asia is building the healthtech ecosystem to support innovations and facilitate collaborations for the next generation of healthcare, and this event was a resounding success.

Authored by: Dario Heymann

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