War On Diabetes Series

Galen Growth Asia, ACCESS Health International and Padang & Co are partnering to bring together ambitious and committed individuals to ignite ideas and form alliances to fight the diabetes tsunami threat.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong revealed in Parliament that diabetes costs the nation more than $1 billion each year, with over 400,000 diabetics in Singapore today, which one in three are undiagnosed. To tackle this issue head on through HealthTech innovation, this private event, by invitation-only, aims to mobilise passionate and informed individuals to help define and shape the role HealthTech will play in winning the war on diabetes.

This first event of a series of three, will kick off our journey with guest speaker Dr. Eric Finkelstein, health economist Associate Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore and Director of the Lien Centre for Palliative Care on how the convergence of technology with healthcare will play a critical role to battle this disease. By way of introduction, we will look at how technology is playing a role as exemplified by Holmusk, which is pioneering a new approach to address diabetes.

This event is part of very successful Galen Growth Asia Quarterly HealthTech Tribe Events. Please come and enjoy complementary wine, food with the following programme highlights:

6:00pm – Registration

6:30pm – A short presentation by Dr. Eric Finkelstein and Holmusk to set out the challenge and root causes of the Singapore diabetes landscape, to map out our journey and set our challenge: how can you help this platform? How can this platform help you?

7:00pm – Networking

What will you get from this event?

As our guest, you will receive a report on the Singapore diabetes landscape and will be invited to participate in the follow-up events in our War on Diabetes 2016 series.

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