Official opening of our “War on Diabetes” series



On Thursday, Galen Growth Asia, ACCESS Health International and Padang & Co invited the HealthTech community for the official kick-off event of the innovative series “War on Diabetes”.

Dr Eric Finkelstein

Prof Dr Eric Finkelstein

Speakers at the first of three events were Prof. Dr. Eric Finkelstein, Health Economist at Duke-NUS, and Dr Latt Mansor, Business Developer of Singapore-based startup Holmusk, which device Glyco Leap is a unique 6-month digital program that guide and support people with Type 2 diabetes towards positive behavior changes and better self-management – which can lead to improved clinical outcomes and reduced risk of complications.

Dr Finkelstein shared his perspective on the global situation of prevention of diabetes with five steps to develop a value message in his presentation about the value proposition for health innovations targeting diabetes.


Step 1 – Convince decision makers that your intervention targets a problem worth fighting

Step 2 – Show that your intervention improves clinical health outcomes relative to available options

Step 3 – Show that your intervention is not only effective, it is also a good use of scarce healthcare resources

Step 4 – Show that your intervention won’t break the bank

Step 5 – Find the intangibles

Dr Latt Mansor for Holmusk

Dr Latt Mansor for Holmusk

Two of the most important aspects Dr Finkelstein shared were the absence of global-available preventive and early-stage diagnosis and the limited focus of pharmaceutical companies on the later – more costly – stages of diabetes. Dr Finkelstein’s talk engaged the audience to start an informative discussion on behavioral economics and incentives, and about how can we make people care about their life choices, nutrition and exercises. Particularly in Asia, where the population currently has a lower prevalence of obesity but still has insulin resistance. Following this discussion, Dr Mansor shared parts of a research done by Holmusk, which is particularly focused on the Asian market and their device Glyco Leap that was invented to help patients self-manage their health from better glucose control to weight loss, and guide them in transforming their life through healthier habits.

This event along with the discussion of more than fifty HealthTech community members was a major success and helped define and build the foundation of our workshop “War on Diabetes” happening in October and our upcoming research. This tri-pod partnership of Galen Growth Asia, ACCESS Health International and Padang & Co illustrates the importance for the ecosystem to come together in order to help stop the homeostasis and battle together for the war against diabetes announced by Singapore’s Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong.

With our focus on catalyzing the HealthTech ecosystem, making healthcare affordable for everyone, and creating fresh ideas for innovation, respectively, we aim to create innovative solutions that will help Singapore and its regions tackling diabetes.


Ronald Ling for Galen Growth Asia

Ronald Ling from Galen Growth Asia guiding the discussion

Wanting to encourage reflection on the problematic, Holmusk is presenting the following handout on the global problem of diabetes.

Authored by: Dario Heymann

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