3 Amazing HealthTech Start-ups Sharing their Knowledge on the Most Complex Problems at the Galen Growth Asia’s HealthTech CEO Summit

Right now is the perfect time to be a HealthTech entrepreneur in Asia. According to a study conducted by P&S Market Research, the HealthTech market in Asia is a burgeoning industry with a predicted CAGR of 27.6% between the years of 2016 and 2022.

While the moment is opportune, being a tech-entrepreneur in Asia does come with its fair share of challenges that parallel the excitement. The healthcare models in Asia suffer from a great deal of disparity, as standards and models of care vary from emerging markets such as India and the Philippines to developed infrastructures in Singapore and Hong Kong. Despite these systematic discrepancies, the HealthTech CEO’s and founders featured in this Summit have managed to cultivate IT solutions that are transferrable across the entirety of the Asian healthcare system. A sample of our entrepreneurs would like to share their journey and the HealthTech CEO Summit participants will get the opportunity to learn from them.

Stanley (TianTian) Li, CEO and Founder of (Ding Xiang Yuang), P.R. China.
Stanley will explain how he achieved creating the largest physicians’ online community worldwide, factoring trust as an essential component in China as one of the toughest market to crack, and ways of extending a business scope to consumer.

Danny Yeung, CEO of Prenetics, Hong Kong.
Danny will be sharing how the rising market of genomics with Life Insurance companies brought its load of wins and challenges, especially in dealing with large MNCs. By presenting his own experiences and recommendations to drive sales and achieve sustainability, participants will have a rare access to an entrepreneur journey in leaping significant hurdles.

Nawal Roy, CEO & Founder of Holmusk, Singapore.
Holmusk is a global digital health and data analytics company that develops innovative solutions for chronic diseases. Come and discuss with Nawal how data science, predictive algorithms, and behavior change models can work in synchronisation to provide preventative measures for chronic diseases, a main contributor to the rise in global health expenditure.

While HealthTech is expected to be the key instrument to disrupt present healthcare systems and its stakeholders, there is never been a better occasion in Asia before to share and learn from and with the members of the ecosystem.

About the event:
The HealthTech CEO Summit is Galen Growth Asia’s flagship event helping to contribute further in shaping and supporting the realization of GGA’s vision and mission: to act as a catalyst to develop a sustainable HealthTech ecosystem in Asia. Galen Growth Asia brings together creative minds from all stakeholder groups to solve the most complex problems and drive Healthcare 4.0.


Authored by: Sunni Lal

Edited by: Helene Champoux

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