The future of healthcare lies in your hands

Temasek’s FutureOf series featuring Healthcare, explores today’s questions in harnessing the power of digital technology to foster a healthier population.

On January 20, 2017 Temasek Holdings invited select Singapore based healthcare thoughtleaders for their #FutureFridays Coffee Chat focused on the future of health, where HealthTech innovations and challenges were hotly debated.

Members of the panel included Shefalis Srinivas, Vice President, Health Lead, APAC WE Communications, Dr Snehal Patel, Founder & CEO of Telehealth platform MyDoc and Co-founder of Galen Growth Asia , Dr Carol Tan, Senior Consultant at Mount Alvernia Hospital and Jackie Ying, Executive Director IBN, and Julien de Salaberry, Co-founder and Managing Director of Galen Growth Asia and Chief Innovation Officer at The Propell Group.

This was a very topical debate as Temasek recently announced that it is partnering with Verily Life Sciences LLC, an Alphabet company (previously known as Google), as the latter advances plans to commercialize healthcare solutions for global markets. Temasek will invest US$800 million in Verily in exchange for a minority stake in the company.

Topics of discussion included policy amendments in healthcare, addressing the information gap between physicians and patients, and how technology can empower patients to make better healthcare choices.

Broadcast via Facebook’s Live feature, the debate was well received with participants around the world fielding questions online. The following snapshot of Q&A demonstrates the many ways in which HealthTech is driving change in healthcare.

What is the most exciting thing you have seen in healthcare coming down the pipe?

Jackie Ying:

Nanomedicine has very interesting properties. In diabetes we are developing medicine that will allow insulin to get delivered only when the blood sugar level is high. This will allow the patient to have a much better quality of life, and minimize the terrible effects of diabetes.


Dr Carol Tan

Increasingly, I am working with people outside the traditional professions, such as investors, technical people, researchers, software programmers. I think this is most needed to find different ways with the best outcomes.


What do we need to fix today, so that we have a better tomorrow for healthcare?

Snehal Patel

I think about this as a “how do we marry the established status quo with the technologies coming through” to improve costs, outcomes and convenience for the patients.

Julien de Salaberry

The issue of technologies is not the solutions but how to bring them to the patients. There needs to be a much better dialog between governments, corporates, investors and entrepreneurs.


How long does it take for Singapore to fully adopt new technologies?

Snehal Patel

Singapore is known as an innovator in the space in Asia and well-placed to run the game as a leader when it comes to adopting new technologies.



Technology is not the answer to everything. But healing happens in a therapeutic relationship, how?

Dr Carol Tan

The patient is not a patient; the patient is a person! If we bring in all technologies, the person will make the right choice for himself.

Julien de Salaberry

Very few patients in a hospital actually understand why they are there. Technologies can help a patient understand “why am I here and what is happening to me?” Greater engagement and empowerment will enable more effective healthcare as demonstrated in London’s St Mary’s hospital.


To watch the full debate, check out Temasek’s YouTube Channel 

Authored by: Dario Heymann

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