Zuellig Pharma invests in HealthTech start-up Klinify to transform clinic management

Zuellig Pharma, the region’s leading healthcare services provider, has recently invested in Singapore-based healthtech startup Klinify. Klinify is a cloud-based clinic management solution that helps doctors go digital, without interrupting their work processes. We talk to Corporate Venture & Partnership Manager Benjamin Belot about this new partnership and its potential to help streamline clinic management in Asia.


Can you tell me a bit about Klinify and why you have entered into this partnership?

Benjamin: Simply put, Klinify has created the best way for clinics to go digital. The team’s secret is the countless hours they spent shadowing physicians, in order to understand the workflows and the pain points of clinic management. The result is much more than just another clinic management system, it is a digital assistant that will help deliver both better business and better care. We love the product, but we also love the team behind Klinify. We believe they have the capabilities to continuously upgrade their tool and keep making physicians lives easier. Furthermore, they share our vision that digital technology has tremendous potential to make healthcare in Asia more accessible. Beyond clinic management, going digital will give physicians the tools to extend patient care beyond the practice’s walls.


How will you integrate the technology into your business?

Benjamin: Supporting Klinify is a great way for us to bring value to physicians, in addition to the services we already provide today. For example, we deliver healthcare products to pharmacies and clinics all over Asia though our distribution business. With Klinify’s inventory management feature, we want to help physicians automate orders and streamline the whole process of managing stock. Our touch points with clinics go beyond distribution though and further down the line we hope to be able to streamline other areas of clinic management such as claims processing. Finally, the fact that Klinify is cloud-based makes it much easier to integrate with other software, whether it is ours or third parties’.


It’s still early days, but any key milestones from the partnership so far?

Benjamin: We are starting the partnership in Malaysia, where we have ambitious goals in terms of ramping up adoption. The very positive early feedback has actually made us even more ambitious! We are well aware of the challenges that come with servicing clinics though and we know that each workflow is different. 2 group practices with 22 clinics in Malaysia have adopted the system so far and we need to make sure they remain completely satisfied. Continuously adding features will be a part of the process.


In your opinion, how important are partnerships like this one in helping to develop the healthcare industry in Asia?

Benjamin: I think they are crucial given the intricate challenges of Healthcare and the zero tolerance for error. When you look at our partnership, each of us have clear strengths that can be leveraged.  They bring the tech and the understanding of clinic management challenges while we bring a reputation for quality, an extensive network of partners and capabilities ranging from sales & marketing to data analytics. We see more and more interesting healthcare companies emerging in South East Asia but they need an ecosystem around them to be able to thrive. We believe we can play an important role here.  This is why we are actively looking at where we can work with start-up partners like Klinify, and why we partner with Galen Growth Asia.

In a nutshell, we want to bring simple and well-designed digital tools to healthcare professionals. Our daily lives have been transformed by smart phones, tablets, wearables… it is time for healthcare to benefit from the same technology.

On picture: Zuellig Pharma CEO John Davision (front left), Zuellig Pharma head of Strategy & Solutions Maarten Kelder (back left), Zuellig Pharma Corporate Venture & Partnerships manager Benjamin Belot (back right), Klinify founder and CEO Krishanthan Surendran (centre) and Klinify founder and CTO Nishanth Sudharsanam (front right).

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