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The HealthTech Hub: Asia’s first home for HealthTech innovators!

Galen Growth Asia is very proud to announce the creation of a regional first, located in Singapore: The HealthTech Hub.

We are at an exciting inflection point in HealthTech in Asia! Galen Growth Asia estimates that there are 3000+ HealthTech ventures in Asia Pacific with a significant number based in Singapore, the innovation hub for the region.

The HealthTech Hub will be the centre of gravity for the Asia HealthTech ecosystem creating a dedicated environment for entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and other key stakeholders across the spectrum of HealthTech to collaborate and co-create. Galen Growth Asia will also be staging and hosting its major events at the HealthTech Hub.

The Asia HealthTech Hub will launch in November 2017. We are now inviting select HealthTech innovators to become founding members of the HealthTech Hub. If you want to explore becoming an active member of the HealthTech Hub, please contact us directly at:
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Galen Growth Asia: The HealthTech Connector
We connect and catalyze at the convergence of healthcare and technology. Our mission is to foster a sustainable and vibrant HealthTech ecosystem across Asia in order to enable improved health outcomes. In partnership with corporations, government organizations, startups and key stakeholder groups, Galen Growth Asia is building an integrated innovation network focused on HealthTech startups to innovate, disrupt and solve our healthcare systems pain points.

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  1. It’s a Superb Initiative!
    Want to know if there would be any plan to extend subhubs of the HealthTech Hub towards the emerging nation’s HealthTech Startup Ecosystem for mentoring & enabling the new innovations to grow & develop into better sustainable models. ?

  2. Hi Shahana, Thank you for the kind words. There is a strong interest to extend the HealthTech Hub towards other nations as Galen Growth Asia is acting as catalyst for whole Asia. We will keep you posted about more updates. Also feel free to reach us directly via

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