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An Introduction to Galen Growth Asia’s Clinical Advisory Board

Earlier this year, Galen Growth Asia proudly announced the launch its Clinical Advisory Board comprising four prominent physicians who will work with Galen Growth Asia’s two physician co-founders to further our agenda of fostering ecosystem development with a particular focus on clinicians, healthcare organizations and care delivery.

It is sometimes surprising that doctors, nurses and the clinical community are often the most resistant to change enabled by HealthTech.  Change is often met by fear of job replacement by technology, concerns about ethical issues, and resistance to re-engineering complex systems which have been developed over many years.

However, clinicians will be the key stakeholder group without whose support the adoption of HealthTech cannot succeed.  Galen Growth Asia’s Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) aims to build linkages across Asia’s clinical community to embrace clinicians into our emerging HealthTech ecosystem.

We aim to draw clinicians into the HealthTech debate and to foster their collaboration with technology players, governments, regulators, insurers and others to use HealthTech to solve the pressing problems of healthcare delivery in Asia.

As a further objective, the CAB will also inform and provide input into Galen Growth Asia’s activities overall – which will allow us to consider what we do and how we achieve impact in a more thoughtful way with these deeper insights.

To mark the establishment of CAB, we will be featuring a series of blog articles in coming weeks which address various aspects of HealthTech from a more clinical perspective.

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Authored by: Dr Ronald Ling


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