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HealthTech: An unprecedented opportunity to solve Asia Healthcare’s Inefficiencies

8 out of 10 industry stakeholders currently believe that transforming Asia healthcare requires a focus on Patient and Information Flow. At Galen Growth Asia, we believe this to be shortsighted.

HealthTech is in its nascent steps in Asian countries. The number of startups and corporate initiatives is growing fast, as is the widespread opinion that HealthTech represents an unprecedented opportunity to address key healthcare issues when it reaches scale.


“Start with the problem, then think about technology”

Galen Growth Asia | The Asia HealthTech Connector has just published its latest Point of View document which provides an overview of the healthcare landscape in both developing and mature Asia for the benefit of those less acquainted and aims to assess and demonstrate the important role of HealthTech in solving Asia’s Health System Inefficiencies (HSIs). It looks at technology enablers, challenges, and through case studies demonstrates evidence of the positive impact that HealthTech is having on improving health outcomes in the region.

Galen Growth Asia, in collaboration with its Advisory Board and a number of key stakeholders drawn from the Asia HealthTech ecosystem, solicited strategic views and insights to define a suitable framework to better understand the inefficiencies which hamper the transformation of healthcare in Asia.

The healthcare sector is a late-comer to digitization, even in mature / high-income countries. This initial report introduces our Point of View that each market in the region suffers from a myriad of sources of HSIs. While the scale of the inefficiencies differs, each market is impacted by these HSIs.

Galen Growth Asia introduces a framework of six key categories of inefficiencies and address these in greater detail in subsequent chapters. It further contends that HealthTech represents an unprecedented means to solve these HSIs.


Six HSI Category Framework

HSI Framework

In chapters, each specific to a category, to be shared is subsequent releases, Galen Growth Asia will provide concrete examples of how HealthTech is making the system more efficient and is resolving HSIs.

Solving Asia’s HSIs through technology was a core focus for the Galen Growth Asia HealthTech CEO Summit 2017 where the health system pain points were explored, defined and where the role of HealthTech in helping to solve them was debated.


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Authored by: Julien de Salaberry

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