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The quarter final starts now! Vote for your most innovative Asia HealthTech Startup! It takes less than 20 secs to do!

Galen Growth Asia is bringing you the most awaited competition of the year: 2017’s Most Innovative HealthTech Startup!
With 3000+ HealthTech startups and over $2.5B in funding in 2016 alone, it is now time we find out which of Asia’s HealthTech startups is your choice for 2017’s most innovative crown!

The 2017’s Most Innovative Startup competition will run over the next 6 weeks during which we are asking you to decide which of our initial 64 curated Asia HealthTech startups is the most innovative. The competition is hotting up and we are now down to the last 8!

The finalists will be revealed at the Galen Growth Asia HealthTech CEO Summit on November 17, 2017, at the HealthTech Hub, in Singapore.

Vote, get others to vote, make some noise about the competition and get a chance to win a ticket to the Galen Growth Asia HealthTech CEO Summit. The winner will be announced after the semi-finals. If you are a HealthTech startup, start inviting everyone you know to vote for you!


Which is 2017’s most innovative startup in Asia?