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Top 5 Reasons Why 2017 Was a Record Breaking Year for HealthTech in Asia

2017 Asia HealthTech funding, overtook 2016, breaking all records and, as we predicted last July, exceeded US$2.6B!

Almost doubling 2016’s total number of deals, 2017 saw 230 deals executed.

The team at Galen Growth Asia has recently published a comprehensive report from their analysis of the full year 2017 data from the Asia HealthTech ecosystem. Here are the top 5 reasons why 2017 was a record-breaking year for HealthTech in Asia.

#1: Growing investor confidence

Investors have shown a willingness to make larger investments in HealthTech ventures in Asia. The overall distribution of 2017 funding in Series B and C deals accounting for over 50% of total funding versus 15% in 2016.

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#2: More deals than ever

At least doubling each quarter since Q1 2016, 2017 saw 230 deals in total executed. The most notable and sizeable deal in 2017 was the $200M Series D by Hao Daifu.Funding_QoQ

#3: Series B & C pipeline strengthens

Series A, B and C deals recorded a 1.5x, 3x and 6x increase in volume respectively. Despite this, Series A halved in total value raised whereas Series B and C achieved 3x and 5x increases respectively YoY.

Funding by Stage by value


#4: China and India deal leaders

China and India, countries with the world’s largest populations, maintain their leadership in deal-making with 78% of all deals by volume and 90% of all funding by value. The top 7 deals in China represent 35% of the total investment in HealthTech in Asia.



#5: Need drives HealthTech categories demand

Medical Data & Analytics, Health Services Search and Telehealth/ Remote Monitoring were categories with the most deals attracting total funding of $1.1B in 2017 reflecting regional Health System Inefficiencies. Similarly to the US, Genomics was a shining star attracting $457M.


For further details on the exciting Asia HealthTech ecosystem, as featured in Bloomberg, download the free report at

Authored by: Julien de Salaberry

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