Liquid Biopsy: 10 Next Generation Startups in Asia

After a 2.5-year investigation, sanctions and a lawsuit against Silicone Valley unicorn Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes, the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission charged Ms Holmes with fraud against investors last week and stripped her of her majority control among other penalties.

We thought it an opportunistic time to take a closer look at Asian genomics startups that are seemingly overcoming the restrictions from single biopsies which Theranos has failed to deliver. The technology used is known as Liquid Biopsy, a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical biopsy. One application of Liquid Biopsy measures ctDNAs (circulated tumor DNA) in a single blood drop to provide a genetic landscape of all cancerous lesions (primary and metastases) as well as to offer the opportunity to systematically track genomic evolution. A second approach examines the whole tumor cell in the bloodstream, so called CTCs (circulating tumor cells). A third method measures miRNAs (microRNA). MiRNAs are small, non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression, which could act as an extracellular messenger between the tumor and its microenvironment. Collected from serum, such as saliva, extracellular miRNAs are believed to be possible cancer biomarkers for early detection.

In Asia, a number of Liquid Biopsy startups are making their mark in the field of Medical Diagnostics and can be sub-categorised as follows:

ctDNA profiling:

  • HaploX (China)
  • Asia Genomics (Singapore)
  • Theranosis Life Sciences (India)
  • Anchor Dx (China)
  • Annoroad (China)


miRNA profiling:

  • Nova Satra Dx (Singapore)
  • Mirxes (Singapore)
  • Lucence Diagnostics (Singapore)


CTC profiling:

  • BGI Genomics (China)
  • Asia Genomics (Singapore)
  • Clearbridge BioMedics (Singapore)


Using Galen Growth Asia’s newly launched HealthTech Alpha Analytics platform, we showcase 10 Asia-based ventures which use Liquid Biopsy as their main technology to provide their services and rank them according to their HealthTech Alpha Score

1) Nova Satra Dx

Nova Satra Dx


2) Lucence Diagnostics

Lucence Diagnostics


3) Mirxes

cs6_2HTA Snippet_Mirxes


4) Theranosis Life Sciences



5) Asia Genomics

Asia Genomics


6) HaploX (海普洛斯)

HaploX (海普洛斯)


7) Clearbridge BioMedics

Clearbridge BioMedics


8) Anchor Dx 基准医疗司

cs6_2HTA Snippet_Anchor Dx


9) Annoroad 安诺优达基因



10) BGI Genomics (华大基因)

BGI Genomics


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Authored by: Dario Heymann

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