Get to Know: Jonathan Sudharta

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Today, we speak to Jonathan Sudharta from HaloDoc, on work, leisure, and inspiration.




Jonathan Sudharta is the founding CEO of Indonesian integrated health company Halodoc. Founded in 2016, Halodoc is a secure platform that aims to simplify healthcare needs in Indonesia by connecting patients with licensed doctors, insurance, labs, and pharmacies in one simple mobile application.



Galen Growth Asia: Hello Jonathan, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us about your story?

Jonathan: Born in a healthcare group family, I was grown up with a lot of awareness about serving people to maintain their wellness. Personally, I have 14 years of professional experiences in the healthcare industry, mostly in Indonesia and also abroad, which is very rewarding and fulfilling every single day for me. During that tenure, I realised that my true calling is helping Indonesian people to live better through better healthcare.


GGA: That is a great introduction to your journey in healthcare! What would you say excites you the most in your industry, having had 14 years of professional experience? 

Jonathan: A startup only exists because of pain points. In our case if we can solve the pain points, then we are really helping those in need. I would say that helping people through what we do in the business excites me the most.


GGA: Being born and raised in Indonesia, you must have a strong connection to Asia. Where in Asia would you say is the best place for business?

Jonathan: Jakarta for sure, as that is home for me!


GGA: What about the best place to reset yourself and relax?

 Jonathan: Bali.


GGA: What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

 Jonathan: There is no such thing as failure there is only feedback.


GGA: And who inspires you?

 Jonathan: Elon Musk, definitely.


GGA: Would you like to share what you have learnt recently that just blew you off your feet?

 Jonathan: The cost of goods sold of building a rocket is only 3% of its resale price!


GGA: If you had the chance to start all over again, what would you do differently?

 Jonathan: I will actually go to my class in university. 😀


GGA: How do you unwind?

 Jonathan: I play ice hockey and was, until very recently, the Indonesia team captain!


GGA: That must take a load off your mind! Do you have any book that you would recommend to people in business?

 Jonathan: Yes, I have a few actually! Do read “Built to Last – James Collins & Jerry Porras”, “From Good to Great – James Collins” and “10 Faces of Innovation – Jonathan Littman”.


GGA: Do you have a shameless plug for your business? Tell us more!

 Jonathan: Halodoc basically elevates the healthcare experience. We cut down the time of meeting doctors from 4 hours to 15 seconds!  Patients can get their medicine in 35 minutes, delivered to their hand, and with heavy discounts of up to 40%. The key success for us is that we are connecting all the dots in the healthcare industry, seamlessly integrating healthcare into everyday life.


GGA: What do you want to achieve at the GGA 2018 HealthTech Summit?

 Jonathan: Learn from many people in the business!


GGA: Alright! How can people reading this connect with and contact you?

 Jonathan: You can WhatsApp me at +62 8111 92611, or simply email me at


GGA: Thank you for spending time to chat with us, Jonathan. You gave us some great insights into your life and industry!

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