GGA HealthTech CEO Summit 2017

For the second time, Galen Growth Asia is hosting its annual HealthTech CEO Summit in Singapore. In the upcoming months we will share more information. For now only: Save the date:  17 November 2017 Nominate your CEO Stay excited for more information!...
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Seminar at the MYiHealth Conference in Stockholm

Nawal Roy, CEO of Holmusk and Co-Founder of Galen Galen Growth Asia will be speaking about Digital diabetes control beats drugs at the MYiHealth in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 20-21st, 2017. MYiHealth will address a number of the largest challenges facing today’s healthcare community by taki...
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Why a HealthTech Ecosytem is Valuable

A “business ecosystem” is a network of organisations – including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies – involved with the delivery of products or services through both competition and cooperation. Ecosystems help startups find links to customers, resources an...
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