HealthTech Investor Summit
HealthTech CEO Summit

November 12th 2018: healthtech investor summit 4pm

Centennial Tower,  3 Temasek Avenue, 039190

Badge collection: Proceed to registration counter at lobby level, Centennial Tower (taxi drop-off side). Business card required at collection.

Undoubtedly one of the most talked about aspects of the HealthTech space in Asia: Funding! Yet, in HealthTech, aka digital health, investing is very different from the rest of the “tech world”, and to compound the complexity even more, cutting a HealthTech deal in Asia may simply have no correlation between the regions and how investors look at writing a cheque.

With more and more HealthTech startups burgeoning across Asia and the super deals in China, how do investors manage their due diligence by each key sub-regions, what actual delivered value or measure improved cost/quality to they expect or do they calculate returns on investment?

On each panel, you will hear from investors, corporate venture arms, providers and startups who have executed deals across Asia.

4:00 – 4:30PM | Registration & Speed Networking with Light Appetisers

Quick registration window to help kick start our agenda packed event.

4:30 – 4:40PM | Welcome Note

4:40 – 5:00PM | Investor Keynote: 2018 Global HealthTech Funding Outlook

Gavin Teo, General Partner at B Capital Group, kicks off the Summit by presenting the 2018 Global HealthTech funding outlook, including Asia. A record year for HealthTech all across the globe!

5:00 – 6:00PM | Cutting an HealthTech deal in South East Asia (SEA)

To date, SEA has a smaller sector volume, owing to the more dispersed nature of the region, with a cumulative 22% of the entire Asia Pac HealthTech ecosystem. However, this sub region, and more particularly Singapore, continues to be an attractive location for ventures and investors, due to its more mature legal and economic infrastructure. It is not a surprise that Singapore is home to the largest HealthTech funding round in this sub-region region, with recording a US$8.2M Series A last May.

With the region comprising of mostly frontier and developing markets, investors such as B Capital and Openspace Ventures have seen an opportunity in funding the ecosystem, where B Capital led a US$25 million round in the corporate benefits aggregator CXA Group, and Singapore’s Openspace Ventures likewise funding compatriot and remote patient monitoring venture Biofourmis in a US$6.6M Series B and leading consumer medical portal in SEA AlodokterHomage, Singapore’s senior home care marketplace and technology platform, has also seen $5.4M of funding from HealthXCapital and Golden Gate Ventures across their Seed and Series A rounds. We will be able to get their angle on dealing in the HealthTech ecosystem here in Singapore, and expand a little more on their perspectives in the market.


Priyadarshini Banerjee, Investor, B Capital Group


Everett Leonidas, Investment Manager, Aviva Ventures

Justin Hall, Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Gillian Tee, CEO & Co-Founder, Homage

Hareesh Nair, Managing Director, Fosun Healthcare Holdings


It is indeed an exciting and ever-evolving place to keep an eye on, and it would be a great opportunity to hear from these movers and shakers during the Galen Growth Asia 2018 HealthTech Investor Summit.

6:00 – 6:15PM | Short Break

6:15 – 7:15PM | Cutting an HealthTech Deal in India

India has the largest volume of HealthTech startups in the whole Asian HealthTech ecosystem, with 32% of all known HealthTech startups in Asia calling India home. Pulling ahead of a similar behemoth in China, the hotbed of innovation in healthcare ensures that more and more startups are springing up. However, compared to the Chinese, India recorded 30% fewer deals than their counterparts in H1 2018 (GGA HealthTech H1 2018 Investment Landscape). This should not deter investors, as the ecosystem in India consists of mostly early stage ventures, offering significant future pipeline opportunities. PharmEasy, the largest pharmacy aggregators in India, was at the top of the funding list in the Indian market until this week, raising USD30M in Series C. This deal was just recently overtaken by DocPrime’s USD50M capital injection.

Rapid growth is clearly a theme in the Indian HealthTech ecosystem, and we estimate the number of HealthTech startups there to exceed 1,000. The sheer volume of this industry has seen its fair share of investors dipping their hands into opportunities, and we can hear from 1MG their take on the Indian HealthTech industry.


Seemant Jauhari, Partner, HealthXCapital


Gagan Bhalla, CEO, Apollo Sugar Clinics

Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, 1mg

Kartik Desai, Executive Director, Asha Impact

Dr. Prem Pillay, Medical Director, Singapore Brain-Spine Nerves Center

7:15 – 8:00PM | Fireside Chat with We Doctor

Home to 22% of all of Asia’s HealthTech startups, the Chinese ecosystem is as healthy as ever, with 48 deals done, adding up to a whopping USD3.0B invested just in H1 2018.

Chinese online healthcare solutions platform We Doctor, backed by tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, raised $500 million from several investors last May, valuing the firm at $5.5 billion ahead of a listing this year.

In this Fireside Chat, we will explore how We Doctor intends to revolutionise China’s overburdened public healthcare market, the impact it will have on the entire value chain, what it represents for the pharma industry, and where investors should pay attention in a growing contingent of tech giants hoping to get their share of the digital health opportunities in China.

8:00 – 8:05PM | Closing

8:05 – 9:05PM | Networking Cocktails and Canapés with B Capital Group and HealthXCapital

In honour of this annual HealthTech gathering, our private Chef Matteo from Átipico has created a special menu rooted in the Italian and French traditions paired with Angra Wines special selection for the evening.

November 13th 2018: healthtech CEO summit 9am

Centennial Tower, 3 Temasek Avenue, 039190

Badge collection: Proceed to registration counter at lobby level, Centennial Tower (taxi drop-off side). Business card required at collection.

9:00 – 10:00AM | Breakfast with the CEOs and Founders / Registration

Beat the crowds and join us for our famous hearty but healthy breakfast By Food Rebel to start your day strong with Startup CEOs, and Founders as we kick off the HealthTech Summit full of energy! You will be served our Original Signature HealthTech Summit Brekkie with renown Chia Seed Pudding (Organic Chia Seeds with Coconut Milk in Mango or Dragon fruit), the Cinnamon Spiced Overnight Oats (Organic Rolled Oats & Chia Seeds, Coconut Milk & Organic Cranberries), without forgetting the Organic Coconut Lemon Energy bars with organic fruits. Many healthy options for a real energetic start!

10:00 – 10:20AM | Welcome and Keynote on Asia HealthTech 2018

Julien de Salaberry, CEO and co-founder of Galen Growth Asia, welcomes our audience of movers, shakers and decision makers to our 3rd annual HealthTech Summit. This will be all the latest developments and insights to bring everyone up to date on the vibrant and progressive landscape.

10:20 – 11:10AM | VIP Chat with Mundipharma CEO Raman Singh

It is a great honour and privilege to welcome on stage for the first time, Mundipharma and Biofourmis. Come and learn from Mundipharma CEO, Raman Singh, an early adopter of innovative technology (virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification), his vision for HeathTech in Asia and  the importance of partnerships with local startups. Followed by a discussion between Mundipharma and Biofourmis on how they have joined forces to developing Painfocus.

VIP Chat: 

Raman Singh, CEO at Mundipharma

Kuldeep Singh Rajput, CEO & Founder of Biofourmis

11:10 – 11:25AM | Morning Coffee Break

Enjoy the HealthTech Summit traditional Power Station “Food for the Brain and Soul” indulge Whole Kitchen 100% pure ingredients, no added added or nasty additives. Real treats to support long lasting energy and deep focus during the Summit. Enjoy 5 flavours of energy pearls: Hazelnut Cacao, Espresso Orange, Coconut Cardamom, Peanut Sesame PLUS their brand new Cherry Choc nut free energy pearl.

11:30 – 11:50AM | VIP Keynote – How Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Will Create the Next Generation of Enterprises

With the hype around AI as the new technology capable of solving many pain points in many industries, we often forget that AI is not the solution but rather the enabler. We start the Summit with a repositioning of paradigm with Luis F. Gonzalez, Head of ASEAN & Global Leader at Element AI, and dive deep into what AI represents as an enabler beyond healthcare. Learn how and why AI transformation is different from digital transformation along with important key takeaways for the ecosystem to accelerate.

Keynote Speaker:

Luis F. Gonzalez, Head of ASEAN & Global Leader, Element AI

11:50 – 12:30PM | Debate: AI in Healthcare

We hear endless talk of AI as the panacea to all healthcare woes and many startups are claiming AI/machine learning technology, so it is high time to have a real gloves-off debate on what is truly happening. On this panel, we will explore the evidence, the hype and the reality of these big data / AI / machine learning expectations and how it is resulting in actual activity to change physician and consumer behaviour, particularly the claims of improved diagnoses and avoidance of medical errors.  Enough with the talk, let’s debate concrete results!


Luis F. Gonzalez, Head of ASEAN & Global Leader, Element AI


Prasanth Madavana, Co-founder, Fedo

Dornoosh Zonoobi, Founder and CEO, MEDO AI

Dr Snehal Patel,  CEO & Co-Founder, MyDoc

Ian Chapman-Banks, CEO, SQREEM Technologies

12:30 -12:50PM | 2018 Most Innovative HealthTech Startup Award

200,000 votes later and 6 rounds of intense competition, the ecosystem has now selected the 2018 Most Innovative Asia HealthTech Startup from a line up of 64 startups carefully curated for their promise. Kuldeep Singh, CEO of Biofourmis and the winner of last year’s competition, will confer the new Champion with eye watering prizes, as well as the trophy for the Most Innovative HealthTech Startup 2018. A special thanks to AWS, a proud supporter of Asia’s most innovative HealthTech startups, providing $10,000 of AWS Promotional Credit* to the top 5 HealthTech startups to continue solving Asia’s most pressing healthcare pain points. All other 64 competing startups will receive $2,000 AWS Promotional Credit* to scale their platform.

*Startups previously issued AWS Promotional Credit may not be eligible to receive additional credit.

12:50 – 1:50PM | Networking Lunch

Forget the heavy non-healthy conference buffet, every year, we team up with the best in Singapore to serves you hearty comfort food whilst providing high quality and carefully sourced ingredients. Our partners provide us with all of the nutritional information adding a special touch of antioxidant ingredients for conscious eating. At the heart of the HealthTech Summit we believe that the food we serve is part of the full experience. This year again, Chef Gisela Salazar Golding of Grain Traders has created 3 meal options:

  • The Vegan Bowl: Served on a quinoa base, enjoy vegan protein packed millet, lentils and pumpkin patties served with roasted sweet potatoes, with chick peasant black quinoa, glazed beets and carrots with Thai basil.
  • The Clean and Lean Bowl: Norwegian salmon served with smoke cauliflower, zucchini and long beans, raw zucchini salad with broccoli pesto.
  • The Keto Bowl: Australian beef flank parrillada, served with cauliflower base rice with seasonal greens with confit mushrooms and bean sprout & cucumber salad.

1:50 – 2:50PM | HealthTech Digitalisation of Insurance: Creating New Business Models thru HealthTech Innovation

Insurance is and will continue to play a fundamental role in transforming the delivery of healthcare in the region! So how is HealthTech impacting the insurer’s value chain? One increasingly common discussion between Galen Growth Asia and our portfolio of insurers looking at HealthTech, is moving beyond the traditional model of buying into consumer products (fitness/wellness/beauty) to sell more policies to co-creating tangible healthcare technologies and solutions that will have true sustainable impact. In this panel, be ready for some jaw-dropping discussion of reinvention.

Keynote Speaker:

Victoria Lamour Chambon, Senior Digital Business Development Manager, AXA NEXT Lab Asia


Siao Wearn Leong, Director Health Insurance, Willis Towers Watson

Elaine Chan, CEO, Heals Healthcare

Dr. Raimondo Guerra, Head of Strategic Innovation leading Reinsurance Company

Steven Conway, Regional Head of Health, Allianz Asia Pacific

2:50 – 3:30PM Pharma Digitalisation in Asia: The power of HealthTech for Real Business Model Transformation

Galen Growth Asia works with a large portfolio of enterprises in many industries which also includes the largest pharma players. It is no surprise that with the new connected patient journey, digital health is changing pharma’s conventional market access activities across the globe and Asia is no different. On this panel, we will explore and debate how pharma views HealthTech innovation in this region and understand how they are looking to leverage these into practical applications of transformation.


Snehal Patel, Co-founder & CEO, MyDoc


Maarten Kelder, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Zuellig Pharma

John Cairns, Head of Multi-Channel Engagement and Digital Innovation, Sanofi

Karolina Korth, Digital Health & Behaviour expert, Founder, Health 2.0 Kuala Lumpur

Nawal Roy, CEO & Founder, Holmusk

3:30 – 4:10PM | Afternoon Power Station Break

Specially crafted Power Station by Whole Kitchen: Palate delight, guilt free low sugar and high dose of anti-oxidants to nourish your body and soul. Enjoy their fantastic Lemon Pistachio and Chocolate Peanut Butter cake and the mixed varieties of nuts: Rock Salt Rosemary, Laksa Leaf Lime and Spicy Tamari.

4:10 – 4:55PM | VIP Speaker: BioHacking – HealthTech is Changing Marketing and Sales Practices

We are in an exciting new world, where our digital self meets our physical reality with boundless possibilities for marketers. Brands that can set the path to manage and explore this new data dimension will be rewarded by great customer loyalty, as well as the most efficient and effective marketing and sales practice. Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer, from Ogilvy, will share its forward-thinking perspective on leveraging the complexity of marketing in this new person-centric healthcare reality.

Keynote Speaker:

Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer – Health & Wellness at Ogilvy Consulting

4:55 – 5:45PM | The Marquee HealthTech Startups Perspective

“If you build it, they will come” is an entrepreneur’s fallacy! Asia is a complex region with more HealthTech startups creating unique solutions to under-served problems. But Asia’s innovative pace, and it’s demanding market are showing real evidence-based results in less than a 12-month timeframe which is gaining significant momentum to investor and corporate. On this panel, hear from experienced HealthTech venture CEOs and Founders on their perspectives about the evolution of the ecosystem and building a successful venture.


Amit Munjal, Founder & CEO, Doctor Insta – India


Aga Manhao, HomeStay – Australia

Sylvana Q. Sinha, Praava Health – Bangladesh

Yasuro Koizumi, FiNC Technologies – Japan

Jonathan Sudharta, Halodoc – Indonesia

5:45- 5:50PM | Closing Remarks and End of Programme

6:00PM | Happy Hour and Networking