Snippets   |   2017/04/25

Can Precision Medicine Latest Solutions Make a Difference in Asia Healthcare?

Precision medicine is a new model of healthcare that entails the customization of healthcare services, in which all aspects of clinical decision-making such as diagnoses, procedures, and treatments will be tailored to the individual.


Snippets   |   2017/03/16

Reality Check on HealthTech in Asia

Last week, the Financial Times article Investors begin to sour on Chinese health apps by Tom Hancock and Don Weinland gave readers a brief overview and hypothesizes on the reasons behind China’s HealthTech investment hype fading and investors beginning to lose confidence in cashing in on the next big thing.


Snippets   |   2017/02/07

Global HealthTech funding reached 5B in 2016

Based on global funding analysis provided by Startup Health and Mercom (Rock Health is now only reporting US deals), we can estimate that venture funding of HealthTech companies in 2016 edged past the $5B mark, surpassing 2015.

– 622 deals in 2016 (vs 574 in 2015) with an average deal size $8.5M (similar to 2015)

According to Mercom, VC funding in HealthTech has risen to $18.5B across 2,672 deals since 2010! read more