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Liquid Biopsy: 10 Next Generation Startups in Asia

After a 2.5-year investigation, sanctions and a lawsuit against Silicone Valley unicorn Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes, the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission charged Ms Holmes with fraud against investors last week and stripped her of her majority control among other penalties. 

HSI - Chapter 1

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HSI Chapter 1: Human Capital Flow

Matching the supply and demand needs of patients and healthcare professionals is an important health system inefficiency in Asia Pacific that needs to be address.

More troubling, are the latest data revealing that Human Capital Flow inefficiencies are anticipated to deteriorate with time. Could HealthTech offer opportunities to solve this paint point in Asia? 

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6 Reasons Why Health Systems Are Inefficient

With all the technological progress and innovation we have witnessed in the past fifty years, a model efficient healthcare system still evades developing and frontier nations. Is it just a question of more investment and resources? Or is it something more much more fundamental?.


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Vietnam’s HealthTech Renaissance

Last year, in a February 2017 post for the Galen Growth Asia blog, I described Vietnam as a “greenfield” for HealthTech innovation. At the time, I saw relatively few companies and organizations focused on digital solutions to Vietnam’s healthcare challenges. One year later, however, I’m noticing a lot more interest in the field. Could this mark the beginning of a HealthTech renaissance in Vietnam?.

HealthTech Updates   |   2018/01/30

The CareVoice raises funding to redefine consumer-centric health InsurTech

Founded in 2014 in Shanghai, The CareVoice is a consumer-centric health InsurTech start-up redefining healthcare and insurance experience for people in China. We give people access to transparent, high-quality and personalized digital services to improved their health, especially for insurance members.

Top 5 Reasons Why 2017 Was a Record Breaking Year for HT in Asia (News size)-2

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Top 5 Reasons Why 2017 Was a Record Breaking Year for Asia HealthTech

2017 Asia HealthTech funding, overtook 2016, breaking all records and, as we predicted last July, exceeded US$2.6B!

Almost doubling 2016’s total number of deals, 2017 saw 230 deals executed.

The team at Galen Growth Asia has recently published a comprehensive report from their analysis of the full year 2017 data from the Asia HealthTech ecosystem. Here are the top 5 reasons why 2017 was a record-breaking year for HealthTech in Asia.

Full Year 2017 Asia HealthTech-2

HealthTech Updates   |   2018/01/16

The Asia HealthTech Landscape Funding Landscape 2017 Full Year report

2017 Asia HealthTech funding, overtook 2016, breaking all records and, as predicted by Galen Growth Asia last July, exceeded US$2.6B! Almost doubling 2016’s total number of deals, 2017 saw 230 deals executed.

The Asia HealthTech Investment Landscape 2017 Full Year report is based on our comprehensive funding analysis of Galen Growth Asia’s unique HealthTech database.

HSI Report

HealthTech Updates   |   2017/11/29

HealthTech: An unprecedented opportunity to solve Asia Healthcare’s Inefficiencies

8 out of 10 industry stakeholders currently believe that transforming Asia healthcare requires a focus on Patient and Information Flow. At Galen Growth Asia, we believe this to be shortsighted.

HealthTech is in its nascent steps in Asian countries. The number of startups and corporate initiatives is growing fast, as is the widespread opinion that HealthTech represents an unprecedented opportunity to address key healthcare issues when it reaches scale.

Q3 Funding Update Image

HealthTech Updates   |   2017/10/12

Asia HealthTech Investment Landscape Q3 YTD 2017 Update

More money invested in Q3 compared to Q2 but less than Q1! The HealthTech scene in Asia is still relatively nascent but, nevertheless, witnessed significant growth in HealthTech investments with $1.2B invested across 127 deals for the first half of 2017 ($2.3B invested in 2016 alone). The third quarter of 2017 may be demonstrating the early signs of a maturing ecosystem with fewer deals and bigger bets. 

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Global Health’s Digital Future

To the untrained eye, all healthcare systems are created equal. We can’t help but imagine that everyone has access to a decent quality primary care doctor. The reality is, nothing could be farther from the truth. Resource poor settings are “resource poor”. And when it comes to health care systems, resources do matter, especially the human and financial kind. 


HealthTech Updates   |   2017/08/16

Global HealthTech mid-year funding reaches unprecedented heights!

After an remarkable Q1 for HealthTech, which we reported as an “Impressive First Quarter of 2017”, global funding in the second quarter has pushed to an even higher gear. Our global HealthTech funding summary H1 2017, based on funding analysis from GGA complimented by the reports from Rock Health, Mercom Capital, Startup Health, estimates that total global venture funding in HealthTech companies in H1 2017 exceeded $4.7B


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When Will We Finally Change The Pharma Rep Model in Asia?

One area I challenge my peers quite often with is why in this ‘age of information’, unprecedented levels of scientific understanding, increasing use of formularies, and the growing call for evidence-based medicine, we still see pharmaceutical sales driven primarily by representatives who appeal more on messaging and relationships than hard clinical evidence.