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Over a period of 10 weeks, Galen Growth Asia brought to you an Asia first: The Most Innovative Asia HealthTech Startup Tournament where 64 of the most promising HealthTech startups in Asia were pitted against each other and the ecosystem were asked to vote.

Galen Growth Asia is glad to announce Biofourmis as the winner of the Most Innovative Asia HealthTech Startup competition.

Over the past few weeks, Galen Growth Asia has brought you the most exciting competition of the year: 2017’s Most Innovative HealthTech Startup! With 3000+ HealthTech startups, over $2.5B in funding in 2016 alone, and 2017 likely to exceed that, it is time we found out which of Asia’s HealthTech startups is your choice for 2017’s most innovative crown!

The 2017’s Most Innovative Startup competition has now reached the Final stage! We asked you to decide which of our initial 64 curated Asia HealthTech startups is the most innovative.

Galen Growth Asia 2017 Most Innovative HealthTech Startup In Asia Tournament